Drita D'Avanzo Make Up Seminar

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After 10 years of freelancing, Drita is still one of the most in-demand freelance make-up artists in New York City.  Coming from such a racially diverse neighborhood, Drita understands that not every woman has the same skin texture and tone. Some have unique features that require different products and applications. Drita teaches women how to properly apply make-up depending upon their complexion, skin color, texture, etc. as well as what products to use. Drita has also worked on many women who face challenges such as cancer survivors who lost their eyebrows and lashes, women with cystic acne, women of color, women with hydration issues, skin disorders, etc.  Whether your going out during the day or for the evening, learn how to apply makeup that flatters both your skin type and personality. Create a stunning look, from a natural glow to evening glamour. Drita will conduct her Seminar along with other assistants who are professional working makeup artists who set the beauty standards for New York City’s exciting film-and-television industry. Make sure that your makeup always reflects the beauty of the real you - let Drita show you how!

New York City Makeup Seminar